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First Post, the Journey Begins

Having just bought a brand new home that’s finally sitting on more than .08 acres, I decided to start blogging about my great adventures in farming/gardening/being outside (*hiss*…sun!!!). What better way to experience the ups and downs of my journey than to archive it on this awesome new thing they call the internet, and then open my missives to the whole world to comment and troll upon! Now, with all things that I take upon in life, I’m going big, eventually failing, and then going home (In my world I can have it all, not just “go big or go home” I can get both for the price of one!). I have a grand plan for a herb garden, full rows of vegetables, a dozen or two blueberry bushes, a greenhouse, and chickens. Yes, chickens.

“Oh God, you’re one of those crazy ‘back to nature’ people that wants chickens running around in his backyard like some third world country, aren’t you?”

Well, maybe, but they won’t be running around free-range, and yes, I know the coops can smell bad. I argue that chickens are no more dirty than any other animal, including cats and dogs. I’ve smelled some cat litter boxes the moment I walk into someone’s house. My own dog poops on the carpet sometimes, at least the chickens will be doing that outside. Anyone that owns a bird is just keeping a smaller version of a chicken in their house, and if they don’t clean the cage, yes, the house will smell like a chicken coop too. I plan on being very smart about this, as I know this will be the most difficult thing that I have planned to do. It also has the possibility of being the most fun and rewarding as well. I don’t want to piss off any of my neighbors, since I will be living next to them for a long time. I plan on making the chicken coop almost hidden from the neighbors, easy to clean, and designed like something that Martha Stewart would put in her backyard. Perhaps my neighbors might even enjoy the idea of getting fresh eggs occasionally. Besides, I’ve read if they’re cleaned once a week they won’t smell. I guess we’ll find out how true that is in time.

As for the rest, I’ve been careful with my requirements for what we wanted to buy, so the house backs to 2 acres of BG&E right-of-way for power lines. Provided that I don’t build any permanent structures, have standing water (darn, no Olympic-sized swimming pool), or anything over 10 feet tall, I’m free to use the space as much as I want. This should allow for a more than ambitious plan for fruits, veggies, and grains. The list is growing by the day and I’m sure I’ll overwhelm myself and start to second-guess this whole idea before the last frost date even arrives.

For now, I can still dream, and blog.


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