The grape vines have arrived!!


My grape vines arrived in the mail today, so I wanted to post a little about that.  A little back story to this is last year I bought 6 vines to plant in my tiny little garden space beside my townhouse. Unfortunately, 3 of them didn’t ever grow.  I called the vineyard that I bought them from, and they set me up with 3 new ones that would arrive a year later, since the season to get new ones was already past.  Well, fast forward a year and I’m now sitting in a new house, with a lot more land, so I might be increasing that order tenfold at some point in the future.  For now, my 3 happy little dormant vines are getting a little bath to let their roots soak up some water before I put them into the ground.  I have just the place for them,and will post a picture of them in the ground tomorrow.



The two varieties I got are Malbec and Chardonel, the latter being a cold hardy version of the Chardonnay grape.  I think a Chardonnay can grow okay in zone 6, but I wanted to make sure that I got something with a little more cold tolerance, since it can get pretty cold in the winter. 

It’s kinda late, so I’ll have to add more to my post over the weekend or in segments over the next few days.  More to come.


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