Much needed update. Or “where has the summer gone?”

So, first off, I found out that at least one person reads my blog!  I’d give a shout-out, but I’ll leave that to later if they want to be recognized.  Second, I do want to say that comments are welcome on this blog, it might help keep me honest, and deligent with posting more than once every 2-3 months.  Needless to say, the summer months are busy.  Busy will mowing the law, swatting away bugs, dying from the heat, and staying inside whenever one can (all the time).  That being said, I have a sad update from the suburban farm.  No, it’s not dead, but surely it’s not thriving.


Yes, unfortunately, that’s my garden.  Well, nobody…including me…thought that this year would be a bumper harvest.  But truly, I think that this is year zero, not one.  This was the control,”What would happen without fertilizer, without rules, without a plan, and without any real idea what I was doing.”  Besides that, I think in a few weeks/months, I will have a few vegetables to show for my “hard(?)” work.  I see some green tomatoes clawing their way through the weeds,  I beat back the grass and weeds to give the eggplant a change (and LOTS of Sevin), but the organic garden will have to wait until there’s a garden with a bit of time for organic gardening (when I have 5-7 kids that love to listen to me….HAH!!)

So, what does the garden look like right now?  Guff, you really don’t want to know.  I haven’t had much time to do anything with it, and with the lack of rain in the last week, I’m sad to say I’ve lost at least two squash plants.  I’ll post the pictures of it now, so I can look back at this in years-future and hopefully think to myself how I let that ever happen.


Now, the good news is that a few things are actually growing.  the sunflowers have survived despite my many attempts to step on them (inadvertently) and the tomatoes are growing around the weeds and without any support with stakes as commonly done.  If I’m adept at growing anything, it would apparently be grass and those little things that look like mini corn-dogs.

My wife is very patient, and to that end, she’s allowed me to continue to grow weeds and a mess of green things next year.  However, I’ve decided to make some changes.  I thought that raised bed gardening would be pointless with so much room to grow things, but with the grass-creep, I’ve decided to try separating my valuables from the less-desirable’s that grow all around them.  Just because I have land to grow vegetables on, doesn’t mean I have to just toss seeds out onto it right?  (At this point, my family, neighbors and readers are probably screaming “no duh!”), but I wanted to give the “natural” planting a try.  Not to say in the least that it can’t or wouldn’t work, but with a full-time job, newborn baby, and a house that I’m moving into to deal with….it’s just not the time to try that.  So, to that end, this is what I’d like to try, and I’ll be sure to keep updating this blog all throughout the process, so you’ll have many data points to compare and analyze for your own gardening.  I promise I won’t ever sell out if I get popular and hawk gardening products, but if I get anything that works, I will be sure to pass along what I have found that works, so you all can benefit.



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    Sher said,

    Probably one of the most frequent situations that those of us who are new to gardening run into is being a bit too enthusiastic in the beginning. We are told over and over to start small, work into it until you know what you can manage. I didn’t listen and I often tell others that some of the plants are doing great despite my urban gardening skills. I may not reap a big harvest of produce this year, but I have harvested a lot of fun and learning opportunities. Keep on growin’

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