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Is it summer yet? or how I learned to blog again after forgetting to post for months

It’s almost February, and my thoughts have already turned to spring.  They had to turn somewhere, since the rest of my body has turned to ice.  In the midst of this reoccurring polar vortex, it’s hard to imagine thinking about seeds and sprouts; but as sure as the sun rises each day, spring will come again.  Thinking warm thoughts alone isn’t going to prepare me for this growing season.  I learned the hard way last year what “going big” can do, the consequences of improper planning, and the folly of overestimating one’s (specifically, my) abilities.

That said, this year I’m going smaller, more manageable, and more focused.  Raised beds will be built to contain quality topsoil and keep out weeds.  Also, I will focus on only a few types of veggies, and concentrate my effort on those.  Then as the years progress, I will add as my abilities grow.  Despite my miserable failure last year, I did learn some valuable experience.

As many of you know, with experience comes leveling up.  Well, depending on the age of my readers, some may know that experience builds “character”.  “Character” is used later in life when you tell people “Back in my day we didn’t have shoes, we killed a deer with our bare hands and used its hide for boots while we chewed on roots” or something like that.  My generation knows experience as points.  Like “if I get 20 more experience points, I level up and can learn a new spell!”  In my case, I guess the experience is a little of both.  I got a little bit of character and I think I leveled up, which earns me some tomato cages and lumber for a raised bed.  Maybe even better tools and equipment.

Dangerous to go alone

Other than herniating my back on a load of mulch, I think I increased my strength a little too.  In all I learned lots of valuable lessons.  Which brings me to the actual point of this post….

Lessons learned

The Farm - 2013 - ResultsWhen I last left off, I gave sage-like advice on gardening with a newborn, how not to organically garden, and not to get carried away with starting a small army of seeds in your garage/basement/greenhouse.  So now I finally will release the picture I’ve been dreading to post for the last few months.   The actual turnout of my garden at the end of my *ahem* “harvest”.  As you can see, the results were not as I had planned.  The few plants that weren’t completely overtaken by weeds or didn’t germinate were slowly killed by insects, rabbits, or me being stupid and accidentally pulling them up along with a handful of weeds.  It goes without saying that I was over my head, but in this case it was literal, since on one of my forges into the garden to weed I got lost and had to climb a pokeberry bush to find my way out.  That last bit was an over-exaggeration, but I bet it was fun to imagine me wandering around a 20×60′ patch of land yelling for help like a kid in a corn maze.


So, having finally posted the results of my “year zero” farm, I can hopefully move on put that experience behind me.  As I slowly claw back some free time as spring and summer approaches, I should be able to build my raised beds and post more frequently.  When I’m out in the garden, I tend to think about the blog more than when I’m huddled by a space heater staring out at the frozen wasteland behind my house.  More updates to follow (sooner, hopefully, rather than later)










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