Bad Blogger, no web traffic for you

So, I’ve been horrible.  Like, not-posted-in-forever horrible.  I wouldn’t even begin to remember the last time I posted if WordPress didn’t painfully display it for all the world to see.  Not that I get much viewers, but I can’t blame you guys, I just don’t write anything new.  The only thing I have are my old posts.  Who wants to read a book they already read?  Well, actually that’s a bad example, if the book is really good, like Jurassic Park, I’d re-read it.  This blog isn’t Jurassic Park though.  In humble apology, I vow to post more.

Or at least I vow to promise to post more.

I think the issue is that I write such long posts, when it comes time to sit down and write something I psych myself out of writing.  I think it also is my work hours.  Being at work or getting to/from work is 12 hours of my day, so it doesn’t leave much free time to write.  So my posts will be shorter and have more pictures, since everyone loves pictures.  They’re always said to be worth a thousand words, which would cut my posts in half if I posted a picture.

Even though summer is more than halfway through, I have been busy on the farm.  I have taken plenty of pictures in hopes of blogging about them, so I can still play catch-up and show everyone my progress.  Things to look forward to:  my attempts at making a DIY compost tumbler (with hilarious results), building raised beds for my veggies to grow in good soil and away from weed-creep.  my veggie plot map, the growth, and the harvest results.  As a quick spoiler, I’ve had a pretty good season, with WAY better yields this year with the raised bed method.  Working a full time job leaves little time for gardening, so the raised beds have helped with their low maintenance.


So, goals for the next few weeks:

1) Post more

2) Ramble less

3) More pictures


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