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Another rambling post, or how to write a blog about gardening that doesn’t talk about gardening much

It just occurred to me that many people might not understand the subtle significance of my blog titles.  Most people might just not care, who knows?  I think I started out doing it unconsciously, wanting two titles in my blog posts, but I think there was some aspect of naming them that just seemed right.  I wouldn’t want to age myself too much, but I’m doubting how many people younger than me would get the back-story of the “[Title], or [another title here]” reference.  Then again, I doubt many people younger than me might be interested in backyard gardening, do-it-yourself’ing, or even living outside of a city anyways.  Now, granted that is a huge, sweeping generalization, so only take what I said as humorous sarcasm.  Especially if you’re a young’un that is interested in gardening and self-sufficiency, good for you!
Back to the titles.  Many of you may remember the movie “Dr. Stranglove”, some of you may not.  The full title of the movie is called “Dr. Strangelove, or how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb”, now of course, that’s very hard to put on a movie theater billboard, so it was obviously shortened.  Then, some years later, when the Rocky and Bullwinkle show came out, they played off that title, and most of their episodes were comically named in the same manner.  So of course, whenever I started to think about titles for my blog, two ideas generally popped into my head, a serious one and a not-so-serious one.  “Why play favorites, self?” I asked myself, so naturally I used them both.  Somewhere in the back of my mind I’m sure Dr. Strangelove was guiding my hand, not much unlike the one he couldn’t stop from constantly saluting his fuhrer, or maybe Bullwinkle was saying “Gee Rocky, maybe he should use both titles, since he has a hard enough time picking a table or booth at a restaurant, and paper or plastic at a grocery store”.  Either way, I feel as though I have sufficiently explained myself and my titling style, as well as feeling confidence and satisfaction that I have posted to my blog twice in one week.  A major accomplishment indeed, if one is going with the buffet-method of performance tracking.  No, I don’t mean Warren Buffet, but literally an all-you-can-eat buffet, where quantity triumphs over quality and you leave feeling 10 times worse than when you came in, but happy that you got your money’s worth.  On that note, I hope everyone leaves my blog feeling like they got what they paid for it, because that’s how I feel when I’m done writing.  I don’t get paid, if anyone is even slightly confused.  Just kidding, I do very much enjoy writing down my experiences with gardening and my general thoughts, if only I had more time to do so.  Then again, I should stick to the topic, which is suburban farming, self-sufficiency, a smattering of DIY projects, and hopefully someday chickens.  Yes, I am still determined to get chickens.  But probably not next year either, since a one and a half year old will still be a little too much work to try building a coop and raising more mouths to feed in this family.  I think when my daughter is a little older, maybe 3 or 4, she’ll have more fun watching the chicks grow and will even be able to help out.  Which is exactly why we have children, right?  To help tend to the farm and feed the livestock as we gracefully age and become less able to do anything other than answer questions quicker than the contestants on Jeopardy and waiting around for reruns of Matlock to come on.  I’ll just be happy when I don’t have to load up the dishwasher and clean the house anymore because my kids will do that.
Yeah, I know, I’ll keep dreaming.

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