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Crabgrass is coming, but it’s not too late to stop it!

For any readers in the MD/DC/VA area, if you haven’t had time to put down pre-emergent, it’s not too late.  There are several different methods for determining when to apply crabgrass preventer.   There are certain plants that bloom just prior to crabgrass, and I always forget which ones they are.  There’s also the technique of looking for young crabgrass sprouts on the edges of your driveway or house, since the thinking goes that crabgrass needs warmer temperatures to germinate, and those locations warm up faster.

However, it you’re like me and you forget to look around your driveway or against your house before you leave for work every morning, there’s a handy little website that tracks historical data and will let you know when you’re getting close to crabgrass germination time.  Now, it’s not live data as far as I know, so unusually warm or cold springs will be off on the forecast pictures, but for your average working stiff, close is good enough when you have other things to worry about than total crabgrass annihilation.  The important thing is not to apply too early, since the pre-emergent only lasts a few weeks in the soil; and not to apply too late, because there’s nothing the pre-emergent will do if the crabgrass is already germinated.

Before I post the pictures, I’m also going to give you the link, since it’ll be easier to go directly to that website to get daily updates, and also so I don’t violate any copyright laws by posting someone else’s property.  Technically, I’m pretty sure merely posting the heat-map pictures will get me in trouble, but to Syngenta’s lawyers: “I don’t profit from this blog at all, I think I have about 4 people that read these blogs.  Not only do I not profit, I don’t get any money period.  It’s a hobby, like growing vegetables that die or get eaten by deer, and trying to build things but giving up and buying it at a home improvement store.”

So here’s the link to the crabgrass outlook map:

4-8 crabgrass



Today’s crabgrass cast means that there’s still time for people north of Virginia to get that pre-emergent down.





4-10 crabgrass


But by Friday, it’s looking like this weekend will be your last stand.  After that, it’ll be up to you with a crabgrass spray can spot-treating all summer until you give up and wait for it all to die after the first frost.  All those brown patches are a pain, so do yourself a favor and catch it early.


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